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It won't hurt to ask!
Standard products are great but …  we can also work with you to modify or enhance any of our desktop applications to suit your needs. This can be as simple as applying your company branding to the reports, to incorporating new functionality and data elements.
The Client would like to see …  calculations that aren't on the standard report, or information sorted differently, or their data exported to a different format, or if it's possible to _________. We are always available to help you weigh the implications of requests that come in, and either show you how to make the enhancements, or do it for you.
Why doesn't the program let you …  do it a different way? We of course have good reasons for why our applications are the way they are, but as most of our product users are design-oriented, this kind of feedback is not a bit unusual. And far from unwelcomed. We encourage questions and suggestions and will respond with useful information and possible solutions. In the past we have incorporated some very nice features to our standard product based on the sage advice we get from our customers.
Branding and Customizing
Earnest desktop applications can be modified or enhanced to meet just about any firm-wide standard or client request.
In-house capabilities?
Take full advantage of the sorting, filtering, querying, and reporting capabilities provided by Microsoft Access. We’re available to provide whatever training, assistance or contracted services you need.
Smile, you have data!
Often valuable information can be mined from a spreadsheet, text file or another database and into usable data. We can help you conserve fees and resources by extracting data from legacy files, accounting and HR systems.
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