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Earnest Desktop Applications
Software designed to work the way you do.
Easy to use  For most end-users 30 - 90 minutes of training is all it takes.
Efficient data management  Project information is managed in a relational database, using libraries and standards as the building blocks. Values are not duplicated, so editing is quick and thorough.
Accurate  Calculations are automated, therefore consistent, and there is no risk of missing formulas, skipped cells or broken links.
Reliable  Information and calculations are always up-to-date, available to the entire team and ready for review at a moment's notice.
Proven technology  Professionally developed and maintained desktop applications running on Microsoft Access ®, the most stable and user-friendly database platform on the market.
Maximize productivity  Team members can work simultaneously on projects, files can be moved to laptops for working on-the-go. Automated data building routines, look-up lists ad user-defined defaults mean fewer errors and omissions.
Reusable data  Libraries, standards, sets and notes can be stored as templates and thereby re-used as "starter" data for similar projects that follow.
Customizable  Modifications and custom reports can be added at a fraction of the cost of systems built on other platforms.
Work In Earnest!
Every day, too many highly creative people endure countless, mind-numbing hours battling with spreadsheets. Earnest desktop applications are designed to make their work easier, and their time better spent. We can help make those spreadsheets go away and free those creative minds to do what they do best.
We've developed these full-featured database applications for architects, designers and planners to support some of the most data-intensive project tasks. We've got extensive experience in the trenches, and have been listening to feedback and suggestions from our customers for over 25 years, so the products are robust and mature.
We invite you to learn more about how using a professionally developed database improves efficiency and accuracy, and why our products have become the industry standard.
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Earnest Development is committed to providing exceptional service. In addition to the complete User's Guide and set-up assistance included with your purchase we also offer:.
  • Training
  • Support subscriptions
  • Data import/export
  • Custom reports
  • System enhancements
  • Project consulting

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