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Why switch to rDs when you have that Excel program "Dan" has been perfecting all these years?
Accuracy.  rDs manages information in a relational database, eliminating multiple files, linked pages, inconsistent data and formulas in cells that may or may not be up to date.
Streamlined editing.  It is easier to keep information up-to-date, because a value changed in a single field updates related values throughout the project.
Libraries.  An enormous amount of time can be saved by re-using libraries of items, typical room content sets and notes from one project to the next.
How you spend your time.  Working with a complete and full-featured application means your time and energy can stay focused on your projects and clients.
Beautiful deliverables.  Reports are available on a moment's notice, always consistently formatted and accurate.
Reliability.  Only "Dan" really knows how that spreadsheet "program" works.
Productivity.  Using software that is stable and well designed makes the team more productive and your projects more profitable.
Professional Results.  rDs is a professionally developed and maintained application. "Dan's" just isn't.
Optimize your resources.
The tighter the fee, the more important it is to optimize resources.
Creating and maintaining Room Data Sheet information is a labor intensive and exacting task. The information needs to be arranged and grouped for different purposes, and it is updated constantly. Earnest rDs was designed to make this process not only more efficient, but also more accurate.
rDs is designed for use by the entire team, all at the same time if it's called for. Information is built quickly based on libraries, sets and standards specific to each unique project. Automated data building routines, lookup lists and user-defined defaults result in fewer errors and omissions.
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