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Product Support
Earnest desktop applications come with a complete User's Guide, which covers setup, configuration, system structure, practical usage and sample reports. User’s Guides are maintained online at www.earnestdevelopment.com. Support for initial Installation and configuration is included with purchase of the software.
Ongoing technical and end-user support is available by the half-hour or pre-paid annual subscription. We also offer support for tasks such as data migration, custom reports, system enhancements and project-related consulting.

Our support phone number is (206) 622-1950
Our Email address is EarnDev@EarnestDevelopment.com
Support Subscriptions
Keep end-users productive and maximize your technology budget! Subscriptions packages insure access to technical support and troubleshooting whenever you need it.

Subscribers also have 24/7 access to updates and searchable support information through our exclusive Subscribers Lounge.
Software maintenance and updates
Maintenance support and version upgrades can be purchased through this site and by contacting us directly.
Training for system administrators and end-users can be provided over the phone, online, on site, or in our Seattle office. 
  • Online introductory training for end-users, up to two hours: $160.00
  • Online individual training, per half-hour session: $ 45.00
  • On-site group session, per half-day session: $ 850.00
  • One-on-one, on-site or in our office, per half-day session: $ 500.00

(*On-site training for locations outside the Seattle metropolitan area is available on a per half-day basis only. Travel & accommodations, classroom and equipment rental expenses are additional).
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