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Software built to suit.
Software should conform to the way you work, not the other way around.
Trying to fit your company's tried-and-true process into an off-the-shelf software solution can be difficult; disruptive; debilitating. A custom application is sometimes the only real solution.
Unique solutions.
Projects come to us from companies that have a specific need that they can't solve with off-the-shelf software. Often they have looked at what is available on the market, and can't find a system that fits their timeline, budget or operational style. Sometimes they have an existing system that is in need of upgrading, enhancing or porting to a newer or more appropriate platform. We work with the decision makers, their in-house resources and any other consultants as a team. The result is a system that supports and often improves upon their established work flow and procedures.
Earnest Development has defined, architected and developed custom database applications for a truly wide range of business needs. We have experience in enhancing existing systems, porting to a newer or more appropriate platform, leveraging data from business systems, and defining and developing database applications from the ground up.
Tell us what you're looking for.
We devote time to understanding what you do, how you do it and how you would like to do it. 
  • We question assumptions and explore options.
  • We expose the issues most crucial to your work flow.
  • We help you manage schedule, budget and priorities.
  • We understand that changes are sometimes unavoidable.
  • We communicate.
  • We listen.
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